Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why every make up artists has to have a Vau Beauty Brush

Professional brushes are equipped with an art through which they remove the tangles in your skin and glide around the curves of the face so that the make-up can be applied more smoothly and evenly. There is variety of brands available in the market which claims to be the best hair brush maker.   We believe Vau Beauty brushes have an edge over all the other brands such as Mac, Napoleon etc. and here is a look on some of the reasons why Vau brushes are better than others.

1.       Soft and Prevent breakouts: Vau brushes will prevent the skin from uneven breakouts. It is especially advised for an acne prone skin to apply the make up material with a brush and not directly with hands as hands can be a medium through which germs can stick to your face causing acne and break out. This is how soft brushes can protect the skin from acne.
2.       Made of natural fibers: The Vau beauty brushes are mostly made up of natural fibers with the exception of the foundation, concealer, mascara and duo fiber brush which are made from nylon bristles for best make up application.  Natural fiber bristles are soft and smooth to touch and do not react on the skin with harshness. Not only does this prevent the skin from rashes and irritation but also it allows better pick up of make-up particles for better application on the face.
3.       Clean and Clear: Vau beauty Australia make up brushes can be cleaned very easily with the Vau make up brush cleaner which dries instantly.  This allows makeup artists to use the brush straight away rather than waiting a long time for the brushes to dry.
4.       Less shedding of hair: Unlike some brushes on the market, Vau brush bristles have very minimal shedding of hair which allows you to be professional with all of your client applications.
5.       Affordable: Some cosmetic brushes across department stores can be a very expensive, costing anywhere from $40 - $70 AUD for one large brush.  Our brand provides you the best quality brushes at a very reasonable price.  Thus we have a range of affordable cosmetic brushes for every brush seeker.
6.       Wide Variety: There are unlimited brush choices across our brand.  You can buy the brushes ala-carte or as a set depending upon your requirement.  Vau beauty brush set has a combination of number of brushes of different types used for various make up application suitable for every user.

These qualities make the Vau brushes stand out from the rest making it a ‘must have’ beauty product for every make up artist.   You can buy the Vau beauty brushes or Vau professional make up brush sets online by logging in at our portal at

Full Range VAU Brushes

Monday, 9 February 2015

Ombre Me Hair!

Isn’t it fascinating how fashion continues to change daily?  Yesterday if you were seen with regrowth you would be fast hiding it with a cap or a head band to avoid the stares from other fashion vista but today the regrowth look – otherwise known as ‘Ombre’ or ‘Balayage’ is totally hot, in fashion and in huge demand!

This kind of hair do where there is a multiple mix of colours has been seen worn by many celebrities walking the red carpet and can be seen in a mixture of colours from your browns to blondes and also your bright colours to add some fun into your hair and life!  However beware that not every salon can provide this hairstyle and perform the service as there requires bleaching and colour hair dye that carefully have to be toned and mixed well to get a perfect seamless result that looks natural.

Celebrities wearing the Ombre / Balayage look

The best thing is VAU Beauty can now offer all customers wanting the Ombre/ Balayage Hair look many options to make it all possible without damaging their own natural hair.  VAU Beauty offers a Semi Permanent Tape Hair Extension range or a Temporary Clip In Hair Extension Range which is simple and easy to attach and detach. 

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 2/12

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension2/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 6/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 12/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 2/6

VAU Hair Extension range are all made from European Remy Hair that guarantees one length from top to bottom.  The result is obtaining beautiful full, natural and thick hair that is unnoticeable when mixed in with your natural hair either via straightening or curling. 

All of our Ombre Hair Extensions comes in 5 different colours and are all 20” inches long.
We have TAPE Ombre Hair Extensions which is a semi permanent method that can last in the hair anywhere between 3 – 9 months and we also offer CLIP IN Ombre Hair Extensions which can be put in and taken out just for that special occasion.

(As pictured above)
#2 / 6

See the difference between VAU Hair Extensions and others on the market with our diagrams below. This is why we are a trusted Australian Hair Extension brand supplying to salons worldwide.  We truly believe in genuine quality and customer satisfaction.

Example 1

Example 2

To get the Ombre/ Balayage look buy from VAU Beauty with confidence. We offer regular post or express shipping anywhere within Australia.  Our prices are very affordable and we guarantee our products will bring a smile to your face.

Click on the below link to be purchase your own set of VAU Hair Extensions today!

Monday, 12 January 2015

5 New Year Resolutions for a beautiful start to 2015!

Here are our top 5 beauty resolutions that we recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful start to 2015 to feel great and look fantastic!

  1. Always wear an SPF sunscreen product  when you go out everyday!  We are sure that you have read this millions of times through newspapers and magazines but how many actually follows through with this regime?  Make a better start to 2015 by wearing an SPF underneath your moisturiser for that extra day protection, whether sunny or raining.  The harmful UV rays can cause premature aging so if you want to stay looking your best learn to look after your delicate skin.  There are many different options of SPFs available on the market from tinted moisturisers and BB creams which are tinted foundations that range from light to dark to match each skin tone.   

    2.      Look after your hair by using a leave in treatment every day! 
    We love Leave in Treatments as they can help to overcome your very bad hair days by leaving them soft and stress free.  They have become essential hair products and can be used alongside your normal hair routine by first using a suitable Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in.  Alternatively, if you are short for time you could skip the conditioner and go straight to the leave in treatments which will help to moisturise your dry hair especially if you are one for using heat on your hair every day!   
    We also highly recommend leave in treatment should you wear human hair extensions to prolong the life of your extensions and enable your hair to be tangle free, which will keep the smile on your face over 2015!      

    We LOVE:
    1.  RemySoft Protective Serum which is a revolutionary serum based hair sealer that is formulated to coat and seal the hair shaft eliminating tangles, lock in moisture and protect the hair from damage.

    2.  Vivant Revitafoam leave in treatment.  Perfect also for hair extensions which helps to detangle and smooth the hair cuticles.

    Vivant Revitafoam
    RemySoft Protective Serum

    3.      Make a statement this year by walking out with your favorite lip colour
    Lips are back on the trend radar this year and the new upcoming colour are the bright, neon colours!  Put some fun back into your make up routine by trying out new looks with different lipstick colours such as “orange” this year to stand out from the crowd.  For those uncomfortable with lipsticks which some women may find drying on their lips, why not try alternatives such as lip stains or lip glosses.  VAU Beauty stocks a huge range of colours from Stargazer cosmetics which is affordable, hip and chick!

    We LOVE:
    1.  Stargazer Shine Lipsticks available in beautiful bright colours such as 101 (Orange), 102 and many more beautiful exciting colours!
    Stargazer Shine Lipsticks
    Colours Available:








    4.       Did you say big brows?
    Forget about thin arched brows in 2015. Try taking a step back to memory lane with inspiring model looks such as Brooke Shields and go for thick, tamed brows which will cut off 3 – 5 years your real age.  Thicker brows are the look for 2015 and can be very easy to maintain and achieve by simply not over plucking and brushing them straight up then smoothing them over.

    We LOVE:
    1.  Stargazer Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pen available in Black, Dark Brown and Grey.
    Stargazer Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pen (Black, Dark Brown and Grey)

    2.  VAU Beauty Semi Permanent Stick On Eyebrows available in Black, Dark Brown and Blonde.
    VAU Beauty Semi Permanent Stick on Eyebrows

    5.       Give your face a break
    Our number 5 New Year resolution is to give your face a break!  Your face like all other parts of your body also deserves a break and need to go to sleep comfortably so remember to take off your entire make up before bed time.  This routine will require you to remember to not only wash your face but also to ‘tone’ before bed time.  Toners will keep your skin feeling soft, take off that last bit of grime on your face to keep it looking clear, blemish-free and feeling clean.  
    If your skin is dry, you can use a creamy, oil based cleanser to wash your face rather than a detergent based product.  For oily or acne - prone skin you can try products containing salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin to keep pores clear.

    We LOVE:
    1. Lancome Tonique Douceur which is an alcohol-free lotion, enriched with soothing plant extracts, is the perfect finishing touch to makeup removal for dehydrated skin. It gently tones and refines the skin, removing any remaining impurities, without depleting its natural oils.

    Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed and ready for your daily treatments. Suitable for all Skin types, even sensitive skin.
    Lancome Tonique Douceur


Friday, 2 January 2015

A New Year Thank You

Happy New Year 2015!

We can’t believe that it is already 2015!  Another year older and wiser as VAU Beauty turns 6 years old this year with many exciting things to come for our customers.
To reflect on 2014, we have had a massive year continuing brand awareness with our VAU make up brushes as we venture out into more make up schools not only in Australia but also to countries such as USA, United Kingdom and Israel to name a few.  Our popular VAU Hair Extension range is also now stocked across several salons in Australia with very pleasing feedback on the quality of hair and ease of application.  In 2015, we will aim to continue branching out to more salons and retail to spread the news and allow consumers from all background the opportunity to trial and purchase our brand.  We aim to continue developing innovative products to satisfy the need of our consumer and the growing trends across hair extensions and beauty tools. 
To celebrate the new year we are offering a 50% discount on our Professional VAU Beauty 30 piece brush set for all orders via our website   Please use check out coupon code “new year” to ensure you receive your discount.  This discount won’t last long and is only valid up until 31st Jan 2015.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all of our business partners and stockists and our loyal consumers all the best for 2015. We hope that this year will bring you lots of happy memories, great health and prosperity.  Wishing you all a very happy holiday!