Monday, 9 February 2015

Ombre Me Hair!

Isn’t it fascinating how fashion continues to change daily?  Yesterday if you were seen with regrowth you would be fast hiding it with a cap or a head band to avoid the stares from other fashion vista but today the regrowth look – otherwise known as ‘Ombre’ or ‘Balayage’ is totally hot, in fashion and in huge demand!

This kind of hair do where there is a multiple mix of colours has been seen worn by many celebrities walking the red carpet and can be seen in a mixture of colours from your browns to blondes and also your bright colours to add some fun into your hair and life!  However beware that not every salon can provide this hairstyle and perform the service as there requires bleaching and colour hair dye that carefully have to be toned and mixed well to get a perfect seamless result that looks natural.

Celebrities wearing the Ombre / Balayage look

The best thing is VAU Beauty can now offer all customers wanting the Ombre/ Balayage Hair look many options to make it all possible without damaging their own natural hair.  VAU Beauty offers a Semi Permanent Tape Hair Extension range or a Temporary Clip In Hair Extension Range which is simple and easy to attach and detach. 

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 2/12

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension2/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 6/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 12/613

VAU Clip In Ombre Balayage Hair Extension 2/6

VAU Hair Extension range are all made from European Remy Hair that guarantees one length from top to bottom.  The result is obtaining beautiful full, natural and thick hair that is unnoticeable when mixed in with your natural hair either via straightening or curling. 

All of our Ombre Hair Extensions comes in 5 different colours and are all 20” inches long.
We have TAPE Ombre Hair Extensions which is a semi permanent method that can last in the hair anywhere between 3 – 9 months and we also offer CLIP IN Ombre Hair Extensions which can be put in and taken out just for that special occasion.

(As pictured above)
#2 / 6

See the difference between VAU Hair Extensions and others on the market with our diagrams below. This is why we are a trusted Australian Hair Extension brand supplying to salons worldwide.  We truly believe in genuine quality and customer satisfaction.

Example 1

Example 2

To get the Ombre/ Balayage look buy from VAU Beauty with confidence. We offer regular post or express shipping anywhere within Australia.  Our prices are very affordable and we guarantee our products will bring a smile to your face.

Click on the below link to be purchase your own set of VAU Hair Extensions today!

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