Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why every make up artists has to have a Vau Beauty Brush

Professional brushes are equipped with an art through which they remove the tangles in your skin and glide around the curves of the face so that the make-up can be applied more smoothly and evenly. There is variety of brands available in the market which claims to be the best hair brush maker.   We believe Vau Beauty brushes have an edge over all the other brands such as Mac, Napoleon etc. and here is a look on some of the reasons why Vau brushes are better than others.

1.       Soft and Prevent breakouts: Vau brushes will prevent the skin from uneven breakouts. It is especially advised for an acne prone skin to apply the make up material with a brush and not directly with hands as hands can be a medium through which germs can stick to your face causing acne and break out. This is how soft brushes can protect the skin from acne.
2.       Made of natural fibers: The Vau beauty brushes are mostly made up of natural fibers with the exception of the foundation, concealer, mascara and duo fiber brush which are made from nylon bristles for best make up application.  Natural fiber bristles are soft and smooth to touch and do not react on the skin with harshness. Not only does this prevent the skin from rashes and irritation but also it allows better pick up of make-up particles for better application on the face.
3.       Clean and Clear: Vau beauty Australia make up brushes can be cleaned very easily with the Vau make up brush cleaner which dries instantly.  This allows makeup artists to use the brush straight away rather than waiting a long time for the brushes to dry.
4.       Less shedding of hair: Unlike some brushes on the market, Vau brush bristles have very minimal shedding of hair which allows you to be professional with all of your client applications.
5.       Affordable: Some cosmetic brushes across department stores can be a very expensive, costing anywhere from $40 - $70 AUD for one large brush.  Our brand provides you the best quality brushes at a very reasonable price.  Thus we have a range of affordable cosmetic brushes for every brush seeker.
6.       Wide Variety: There are unlimited brush choices across our brand.  You can buy the brushes ala-carte or as a set depending upon your requirement.  Vau beauty brush set has a combination of number of brushes of different types used for various make up application suitable for every user.

These qualities make the Vau brushes stand out from the rest making it a ‘must have’ beauty product for every make up artist.   You can buy the Vau beauty brushes or Vau professional make up brush sets online by logging in at our portal at

Full Range VAU Brushes

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